About You

It’s All About You!

Looking for More

First of all, I honor YOU! If you’re reading this you’re reaching for possibilities…reaching for MORE. You’re not willing to accept that this is all that’s available in your health, in your performance, in your happiness. You’re not willing to accept that this is just what happens as you get older.

You value your health and vitality and place it as a priority. You believe that this body you were given is a miracle and you want to care for it as a precious gift. You’re proactive in your mindset. You’re looking for alternatives or complements to traditional medical care. You’re committed to taking steps now to ensure VITALITY in your future.

You strive to reach the next level in your fitness, your confidence and your understanding of how to care for your body. You want more from life. You want your body to feel challenged and invigorated, yet supple and stable.

You want to wake up feeling ready for a life-changing day. You seek fresh mental vigor and emotional endurance. You want to feel accomplishment and gratitude for taking care of yourself. You know that working with a professional will be more efficient, safer, and shorten the learning curve.

Who I Work With

  • I have the privilege of working with a wide variety of people:
  • All age ranges from youth to the most mature (92 being my oldest so far)
  • A diversity of goals and backgrounds from just learning how to care for the body to high-end competitors
  • All levels from strong & healthy to ailing & injured
  • Those wanting to lose weight, change weight or gain weight
  • All levels of motivation from over-using exercise to being afraid of it
  • All points of body education from nutrition, to changing your emotional state, to troubleshooting the different pain you feel

I invite you to explore the possibilities! Grow your Life… Live your Gifts… Dive into your Blessings!