My Knight in Shining Armor

I found myself in a tizzy…I wish this on no one!

Bare with me please…this story has two postive lessons but I have to describe the yucky stuff to portray the impact of the good…

I found myself in a storm of stress and upset.  My belly was twisting and my blood (pressure) was rising…This feeling that persisted for 2 weeks + while this situtation was unfolding.  NOT a good health influence.  This is a great example of how to tax the Adrenals…

In mid December I had a tech come out to replace my harddrive in my business/personal computer to add more space.  In the middle of the process the HD died!  All my data was lost…financial, photos, videos, education, etc.  Some stuff is irreplaceable.  F O R T U N A T E L Y,  I had an on-line back up of much of the data.  The videos though, sadly, took up so much space and weren’t included in the back-up.  A detail I learned AFTER it was too late.

To make matters worse, the way my case was handled was despicable.  I was told in the middle of the process that my tech wouldn’t be available for almost 2 weeks.  I was left with NO system at the most important time of my business year.

I kept saying to myself…”BREATHE, stay calm.  There are Lesson & Blessings in this.”  Sometimes it works and sometimes it didn’t.

Lesson #1 –

PLEASE please don’t delay in having a proper working  comprehensive back-up.  Please.  Just do it.  It’s something we all put off. 

Fast forward…my system is up.  Hundreds of dollars later.  I’m slowly getting things put back together but I can’t get my printer working.

On a referral from 2 reliable sources I called Dan at CAL TECH Computers.

In 2 minutes …over the phone by remotely accessing my system…he had my printer up and running…

WOW.  He is my hero!  He is good!  (And, Sshhh…he didn’t charge me…talk about spreading Good Will….amazing)


Call Cal Tech any time your need help. FAST, EASY, RELIABLE, FAIR pricing.  I can’t say enough about the feeling of peace and security I have now knowing that there’s someone who can help.  It might sound melodramatic but when you don’t know where to turn and  you knew you’ll need help, It was causes unnecessary stress.

Thank you Dan!


560 Higuera Street #C San Luis Obispo, CA 93401

(805) 546-9976 Email:

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