A Boy and His Dog

I am blessed with two sons.  They’re both teenagers…and they’re both goofy. One is white…one is black. One has skin and the other has fur. One I gave birth to and the other is of another mother.

Special moments up on East Cuesta Ridge at Sunset in December…Cole & Jaxx

Makes me feel the sound, “Ahhhhh…(big sigh)”

What does that for you?

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1 Response to A Boy and His Dog

  1. erica dale says:

    Ahhhhhh (sigh), coming home at night, opening the door and having my family greet me…my two dog-children who shower me with wet kisses as they fight for my attention…then proceed to speed rocket around the couch with excitement. My patient husband “wags his tail” as he waits for his turn, hugs me and says “hi baby, how was your day?”. I LOVE my daily routine 🙂

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