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Reflections on 1k Subscribers

I celebrate YOU! I have some reflections on achieving 1,000 subscribers. Each of you are important to me. I also share a client’s story and the miracle of Three-Dimensional Movement. I love working one on one, but it’s my mission … Continue reading

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List of Possible Symptoms of Food Sensitivities/Intolerances

Continued from previous post…”3 Keys to Reducing Disease and Slowing Cellular Aging“ As a review here are the 3 Keys below. Going into more detail about Key#3 Reducing Inflammation Reduce Free Radical Damage Increase Anti-Oxidants (a Potent and Efficacious MultiVitamin + … Continue reading

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A Boy and His Dog

I am blessed with two sons.  They’re both teenagers…and they’re both goofy. One is white…one is black. One has skin and the other has fur. One I gave birth to and the other is of another mother. Special moments up … Continue reading

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A Great Source of Protein

A Quick Lesson on Why Protein is So Important… In coaching people on their diets, I find that Protein is typically the most challenging Macronutrient (Protein/Carbs/Fat vs. Micronutrients – vitamins & minerals) to get in a busy lifestyle.

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Carpe Diem

I have a lot to learn from my 16-year-old. He said, “Mom, no one ever said we’re promised tomorrow…” Here he is in what we call the “Vitality Pose” V-pose…taking a moment to feel his heart sing with all the gifts in … Continue reading

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The THRIVE Movement

I stumbled upon this and thought it was worth passing it on to your intelligence, your heart  and your filters. Check it out Thrive!

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