We were slowly being poisoned…

We were slowly being poisoned and didn’t know it!

In a quest that will never end…I am always searching for ways and understandings to support my body’s own intelligence and function in its innate tendency toward THRIVING.

“Your body is self-generating, self-regulating, self-repairing, and self-sustaining,” Peter Ragnav, How Long Do You Choose To Live (p 45).

I seek Longevity with Vitality…

Incidentally, this is how thrivefnl.com and the blog were born.  In an effort to pass on those gleanings and pay it forward.

I love to learn … and I love to teach, empower, support, and encourage transformation

I know that when I feel alive and vital I am more inclined to reach out and uplift others.  I’ll venture to say that living there is nearly as close to Heaven on earth as we get.

On the other hand, when I feel pained, fatigued or somehow compromised my focus draws selfishly inward.

Vitality drives Contribution.

Over the last 8 months I have felt myself get heavier and heavier…mentally, physically (energy-wise), and emotionally.  Have you ever had your computer get compromised by a virus perhaps or power surge?  It shifts to “Safe Mode” – where it will do the bare minimum but nothing fancy.  The screen actually goes gray.

That’s how I’ve felt…like I was in Safe Mode.

I could only reach to do the bare essentials…taking care of my two sons (one human and the other canine) and going to work.  Thank goodness I love what I do!

Emotionally I had no extra.  From the outside you would think I didn’t care…care about the people I love so dearly…my family, my friends.  I withdrew.  My emotions were flat…and that’s just not me.

It almost felt like I was on the outside looking in… watching my life get smaller and more restricted because I couldn’t muster any will.

My hikes got shorter and slower.  I was getting weaker weekly.  I wouldn’t say this out loud, but I started to wonder, “Is this what aging feels like???”

“No!  I refuse to believe it!”

One day walking the hill, dumbfounded, I remember saying to myself (I talk to myself a lot, especially on my hikes), “What is up with my Oxygen!?!  My oxygen metabolism is all off.”  My lungs over the past several months had become extremely reactive…inflamed and wheezy.  I sounded asthmatic.  My legs would burn so quickly and feel like they were filled with lead.  What used to be a joy to hike was only laborious.

If it weren’t for Jaxx needing a walk I would have skipped it more often.And even with Jaxx I was starting to choose sleeping over moving.

Deep inside that made me feel scared.

I believe in the power and gift of movement for our daily vibrance.  If I didn’t fight this…I would lose the ability to do it.

I didn’t understand it.  I was confused and frustrated.  I shouldn’t be feeling like this, my heart said.

I kept trudging through even though everything was so hard.  I felt like I lived in molasses.

At the worst point I remember actually saying in exasperation, “I feel like I’m being poisoned!”  My parts were starting to fall apart.  My tissues were beginning to tear and strain with various muscle and joint injuries.  W E A K N E S S…

Four days later I found out WE WERE!

On a routine maintenance call, Wighton’s Heating & Air Conditioning discovered that our furnace was leaking Carbon Monoxide!

We were being poisoned slowly … and didn’t know it!

(Our bodies knew it…and were trying to communicate that something was wrong.  That’s what symptoms are.)

Oh WOW!  As the information sank in, it started to explain so much.

My son, the human handsome one, had been complaining of flu-like symptoms.  He just wasn’t well.  We had him checked on numerous occasions by a medical doctor as well as holistic practitioners.  He had sinus X-rays, chest X-rays, blood tests, urine tests, others tests…all to no avail.  I could only explain his wilting thinking that the football season had worked him hard to an over-trained state.  (He was playing both sides of the ball on the Line in nearly every play in every game.)

I think that the most frightening part for me was …

I was started to give up…

I was starting not to care. 

Insidiously, my will and drive were seeping away.

One of the disturbing details I realized as I replayed the experience…

As I was getting more fragile I was becoming increasingly more intolerant to cold and as I mentioned earlier wanting to sleep more.  I looked for any window I could to go home to sleep and get warm.  Unknowingly, I was coming home turning on the heater drawing in more poison to my cells furthering the toxification.

I cannot express just how grateful we are for Wighton’s.  If they hadn’t found the problem, I’m not sure what would have happened. 

10 days later … and I already feel a world different!!!

Moral of the story:

  1. Listen to your body!  It knows.  Symptoms are the “Check Engine Lights” for our bodies.
  2. Have Wighton’s (or a trust-worthy, high integrity, professional expert like them in your area) check your system yearly! 
  3. Get a Carbon Dioxide meter.  The owner of Wighton’s, Ric Schorer, educated me that not all meters are the same.  Buy one from Wighton’s or trusted professional in your area.  The ones available at the box stores or hardware stores on not sensitive enough.  I believe they may indicate when the space has hit lethal levels but you want to know if your family is being exposed at all!

Footnote:  I have not received any kickback or incentive from Wighton’s for posting this story.  I think they’re great; and I’m just so thankful for the role they’ve played in my family’s health.  I want everyone to know!

Wighton’s, (805) 549-4881

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2 Responses to We were slowly being poisoned…

  1. Ron Mathias says:

    Lisa, I am so glad you and the family are feeling better. It is our responsibly here at Wighton’s to keep our customers safe and healthy, and we take this responsibility serious. I am grateful you are our customer.

    Ron Mathias
    Wighton’s Inc.

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