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Mercola’s Mention in Managing Back Pain

Dr. Mercola recently highlighted my “3D Movement + Back Pain Explained” video in his article “New Treatment Guidelines for Back Pain Stress Non-Drug Interventions, Physical Movement and Watchful Waiting“. Please check out his article for insightful information on back pain. … Continue reading

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Excellent Resource and Education

I had the privilege last weekend to take a class from one of my original mentors, Lenny Parracino of Functional Therapy in Hermosa Beach, CA. He is brilliant, compassionate and inspiring. Please take some time to check out his Website. … Continue reading

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Finding a Practitioner in Your Area…

Many have asked How to Find a Practitioner that knows 3-Dimensional Dynamic Movements I want to thank The Gray Institute for exposing me to The Truth of Function. I consider them to be the highest authority on BioMechanics & Function. If … Continue reading

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MERCOLA Article featuring THRIVEfnl

Click Mercola Article – Essentials for Back Pain   Featuring the following video Thank you Dr. Mercola for your having a mind that truly seeks the truth and the heart to want to share it!

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The Abundance Book…Great Stuff!!!

Watch Peter Diamandis in this video. I love this guy!!! His TED talk brought me to tears… I know you know of some brilliant young minds that need inspiration. Perhaps you can point them in these directions!?! ENJOY!

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Cleanse Recommendation

I’m so grateful for Drs. Molly and Rex Stevens over at SLO Wellness for introducing me to the Standard Process (SP) 21-Day Purification. For a myriad of reasons, I believe most people should do this annually or bi-annually.

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We were slowly being poisoned…

We were slowly being poisoned and didn’t know it! In a quest that will never end…I am always searching for ways and understandings to support my body’s own intelligence and function in its innate tendency toward THRIVING.

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Chunky Chicken Salad

Chunky Chicken Salad (you’ll want to eat with a spoon!) Contains all four food components. Easy to make! Great for picnic lunches or packing food for travel. Ingredients:  Chicken Boil Chicken breasts (approx 4 breasts) or Crock Pot Whole Chicken … Continue reading

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Delicious Crock Pot Chicken

Protein (macronutrient) I coach clients to “build their meals around Protein”.  Start with what you’ll have for the Protein source and complement with the carbs and fat.

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Three Keys to Weight Loss, Reducing Disease and Slowing Cellular Aging

I attended a Conference where the physician who spoke had been studying Syndrome X (aka Metabolic Syndrome) which is basically when diseases cluster with obesity. (More on Why that happens in future posting).

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