Our Foods Can Influence How our Genes are Expressed

So often, sadly, I hear people resign themselves to their illness or ailment, i.e. Diabetes, Heart Disease, Arthritis, Over Fatness…blaming it on genetics. 

Well, it’s not just about our Blueprint (our Genetics).  How we live…what we eat or don’t eat…Whether we move…The stressors that we expose ourselves to…plus a myriad of other things significantly influence how that blueprint it interpreted and what instructions on that map are carried out.

I like to give the example of a young man whose family are all world class pole vaulters…his parents, his aunts and uncles, his siblings, etc…

Yet unless that young man trains appropriately, he won’t also become successful at pole vaulting.  He has to train to take advantage of the preponderance to those skills.

You can have a predisposition for a certain condition but completely avoid it by living in a way that does not express those genes.

The FOOD we eat is one of the factors that distinctly influences our gene expression

Stay Tuned for the next Post of an excellent book that talks more about these ideas.

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