Three Keys to Weight Loss, Reducing Disease and Slowing Cellular Aging

I attended a Conference where the physician who spoke had been studying Syndrome X (aka Metabolic Syndrome) which is basically when diseases cluster with obesity. (More on Why that happens in future posting).

Wikipedia Definition of Metabolic Syndrome = a combination of medical disorders that, when occurring together, increase the risk of developing cardiovascular disease and diabetes)

This doctor concluded from his studies that it was actually pretty simple to reduce the tendency of developing disease.

Remember – Disease is NOT just happenstance…we don’t “CATCH” diseases like heart disease (which leads to heart attacks and strokes), diabetes, cancers and neurological disorders…we DEVELOP them over a long period of repetitive insulting actions against the body.

Imagine how your risk of having an injurious or even fatal traffic accident would increase if you drove a motorcycle at excessive speeds… with no helmet…no safety garb…disregarding roadway laws!  There’s enough risk in driving with safety in mind (like living an intentionally healthy lifestyle) to exponentially increase your probability to pain, injury and death to blatantly go against what we know is safer. Sadly, the way many people, Americans particularly, live is parallel in its inevitability as driving with no safety sense.

I realize that in many cases it’s partly about education…or rather the lack of.  I believe Understanding breeds ACTION. When you realize what you’re doing is doing to your body…Or what you’re NOT doing is doing…it compels you to want to act differently.

This is one of my primary intentions behind this website and blog.

Empower through support, encouragement and education.

Three Keys to Reducing Disease and Slowing Cellular Aging

  1. Reduce Free Radical Damage
    1.  Increase Anti-Oxidants (a Potent and Efficacious MultiVitamin + Fruits & Vegetables)
    2. Reduce Exposure
  2. Reduce Insulin Levels (to proper levels) by reducing Insulin Triggers
    1. Caffeine
    2. Nicotine
    3. Sugar/Carbs
    4. Stress
    5. Medication & drugs
    6. Artificial Sweeteners
    7. Alcohol
  3. Reduce Inflammation
    1. Alkalize your system with certain foods
    2. Identify food sensitivities and eliminate
    3. Reduce stress
    4. Pray & Meditate
    5. Eat Anti-Inflammatory foods

I encourage you to educate yourself and then set an intention to change one thing at time.  Keep it simple.  Stay with it.

I would love to answer any questions you may have to help you down this path.

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3 Responses to Three Keys to Weight Loss, Reducing Disease and Slowing Cellular Aging

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  2. Robin says:

    I just discovered Lisa from dr. mercola’s site. I’ve done two “workouts” with her. I. Am. Amazed.
    I think this is what I’ve been looking for. It looks hard, but it’s not. Feels sooo good!
    However, all the youtube links are off from the blog:)

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