Delicious Crock Pot Chicken

Protein (macronutrient)

I coach clients to “build their meals around Protein”.  Start with what you’ll have for the Protein source and complement with the carbs and fat.

One compelling reason to do that is:

Eating protein at regular intervals helps keep your blood sugar even…which helps you feel even emotionally and process clearly intellectually as well as burn fat efficiently and not store fat prolifically (two different things…I’ll explain the difference in subsequent posts)

For more detailed motivation to eat Protein look back at Blog Post “A great source of Protein…”

Crock Pot Chicken

One of my favorites!  I discovered it when I was at the very busiest time of my life trying to care for and provide nourishment for my family.  I loved all the delicious recipes that came with the Crock Pot but I didn’t even have enough time to make them.  Just getting in the extra ingredients (carrots, onions, celery etc.) was more than the allotted 3 minutes I had in the morning rush to work.  So this method was born.

  • Start with the healthiest chicken you can buy (free range, organic…locally raised if possible).
  • Place the whole chicken in about 1 inch of water.  Season with Sea Salt and other seasoning you may like (i.e. “Mrs. Dash” which has no msg).
  • Put Crock pot on Low and let it cook.  When you get home in the afternoon/evening you’ll be greeting with a tantalizing smell that will start you salivating.
  • Use the chicken is countless ways to enjoy more than one meal.
  • Save the broth as a soup starter or to warm your belly as a snack!

Example Meal Combinations:

  • Chicken Tacos or Burritos.
  • Chicken, brown rice/yams/potatoes and salad.
  • Chicken on top of salad.
  • “Chunky Chicken salad” (see the next post for recipe).
  • Chicken Avocado sandwich on Sour Dough made with olive oil and vinegar, Sea salt and oregano (Yum!)
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