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Chunky Chicken Salad

Chunky Chicken Salad (you’ll want to eat with a spoon!) Contains all four food components. Easy to make! Great for picnic lunches or packing food for travel. Ingredients:  Chicken Boil Chicken breasts (approx 4 breasts) or Crock Pot Whole Chicken … Continue reading

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Delicious Crock Pot Chicken

Protein (macronutrient) I coach clients to “build their meals around Protein”.  Start with what you’ll have for the Protein source and complement with the carbs and fat.

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Three Keys to Weight Loss, Reducing Disease and Slowing Cellular Aging

I attended a Conference where the physician who spoke had been studying Syndrome X (aka Metabolic Syndrome) which is basically when diseases cluster with obesity. (More on Why that happens in future posting).

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Our Foods Can Influence How our Genes are Expressed

So often, sadly, I hear people resign themselves to their illness or ailment, i.e. Diabetes, Heart Disease, Arthritis, Over Fatness…blaming it on genetics.  Well, it’s not just about our Blueprint (our Genetics).  How we live…what we eat or don’t eat…Whether … Continue reading

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A Great Source of Protein

A Quick Lesson on Why Protein is So Important… In coaching people on their diets, I find that Protein is typically the most challenging Macronutrient (Protein/Carbs/Fat vs. Micronutrients – vitamins & minerals) to get in a busy lifestyle.

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The Fuzz Speech

Gil Hedley is brilliant in the way he explains how “cobwebs” grow in our bodies each day locking us down, making us feel stiff, bound and restricted. Watch and learn why we benefit by moving every day in all directions. NOT ALL FITNESS … Continue reading

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The THRIVE Movement

I stumbled upon this and thought it was worth passing it on to your intelligence, your heart  and your filters. Check it out Thrive!

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